The most common problem that you can have with apple productsare:

1. Broken IPad Digitizer

2. Apple LCD Screen repair – We can replace broken screens for all models.

3. System Issues – With our free diagnosis we can see what problems you are having with you OS not starting up or not booting. Any hardware issue causing it can be corrected.

Liquid Damage

Spilling any type of liquid on your electronic components will result in damage to your motherboard. The most common problem will be issues such as your device system shutting down, not turning on, USB or HDMI stop working. With our skills we can fix any liquid damaged components. If the motherboard is not repairable we can offer other solutions..

Hard Drive Replacement

We do free testing on hard drives to check on the health, if you have bad sectors on the hard drive need to be replaced or broken hard drive we carry all types of band and sizes.

Batteries Replacements

All batteries eventually stop working. We can help you determine if it is wear and tear or if a problem with your computer has caused it. We provide FREE diagnosing and will disclose all of your repair options so you can make an educated decision.

Laptop Hinge Repairs

A laptops weak point is the hinges, they hold the screen and the base of the laptop together and it is common for hinges to break.The is a fairly easy repair, hinges can be replaced or repaired. The goal is always to restore the laptop to functional condition and we take great pride in making this repair undetectable.

Data Back Up

Lost data is often irreplaceable. Recovery is often a delicate take that requires a great deal of technical skill. We use specialized software to extract data from the hard drives we are repairing. We also take the time diagnosing any additional problems and remove all corrupted files. Our backup service ensures that none of your data will be lost, privacy and security are our number one concern.