Common issues include broken screens, software updates and charging problems. All parts are original and come with one year warranty. Customers can take the advantage of out FREE TESTING on any device and experience qualified quick service. .

Charging Port Replacements

One of the most common repair is charging port repair due to damage to a phone’s charging port or charging cable due to mishandling and abuse in connecting and disconnecting the charging cable to your phone every day, causing your phone not to get charged at all or only partially charged. If your phone is having issues with not charging at all or you have to wiggle your cord into a certain position to charge it, then we can help.

Tablet Motherboard Issue

Facing any motherboard issues? We can fix these issues inmany ways. We can fix at very fair pricing. We will do whatever it takes to solve the problem.

Screen Replacement

Cracked, No image, or both: there is a high chance that all your Tablet needs is a new screen. We can replace the broken screen at very reasonable prices..

Battery Issue

If your Tablet is not holding a charge, there is a good chance replacing the battery will bring the Tablet back to how it used to be. Don’t be fooled and think you need to buy a brand new Tablet because you cannot access your battery. Wecan have one replaced for you.

Software Unlock

We offer services for unlocking your tablet. We are just a call away. Just dial 647 740 2855

Liquid Damage

Spilling any type of liquid on your electronic components will result in damage to your motherboard. The most common problem will be issues such as your device system shutting down, not turning on, USB or HDMI stop working. With our skills we can fix any liquid damaged components. If the motherboard is not repairable we can offer other solutions.