Computer Network

Having issues with your computer networking? Home or office, we have the right networking solutions to suit you!

Network Cabling

Cables may not be at the top of your list but your connection to the outside world is only as reliable as the quality of your business’s voice and data cabling installation. Ensuring connectivity of your IT is critical aspect and we take pride in our cabling installations. Our goal is to have the cables throughout your business perfectly organized.

CCTV Installation

We specialize in fitting, installing and repairing home and commercial CCTV systems. We install, repair and maintain all Type of CCTV system. Call us @647 740 2855 today for a free onsite assessment and we would be glad to assist you, let us help you to have the best CCTV System possible for your Site.

Internet Services

Installation is easy. A professional technician will bring your system right to your place of business and get you set up in no time. If your installation is more complex and requires work beyond the scope of a standard installation, the installer will provide a quote at the time of installation.

Network Installation

We offer fast turnaround times and quality service to companies with demanding IT requirements. We will save you time and money with our efficient, cost-effective network installation services.